Therapeutic Rebounding

The technology that has given us conveniences that were unimaginable to previous cultures has also taken away the means by which we naturally keep ourselves in shape and keep our lymph fluid moving freely. Movement was so integral a part of the cultures of old that not being aware of its internal importance did not jeopardize the health of those cultures. We have become a largely sedentary culture. We must now take responsibility for the consequences of “progress.”

In my book from Fast Foods to Slow Foods: How to Wake up Laughing, I discuss healing from the inside out. Rebounding is an exercise, which works from the inside out by strengthening cell walls and cleansing the lymphatic system. In addition to an efficient and holistic work out, one of the best benefits is the non-jarring effect on the bones and joints, thereby providing an effective and sustainable workout.

It is the only exercise where all three physical forces of exerted motion are simultaneously operating on the same plane. Acceleration, deceleration and gravity act together on the vertical plane while you are rebounding.

Not only does it strengthen the muscles, but every single cell of the body both muscle and non-muscle, bones, cartilage, joints and every organ of the body. The liver, pancreas, kidneys, brain and so on are all subjected to the increased gravitational force of rebounding and will respond by growing stronger. This builds up increased resistance to disease as all the systems and organs are functioning more efficiently and if they all work better they remove toxins better.

All persons can benefit from rebounding even the infirm; the wheel chair bound person, the child with learning disabilities, the person with vision problems, and more.

Gravity causes the muscles in the back to droop, the breasts to sag, the stomach to protrude, and for the entire person to actually shrink in size as we age. Rebound exercise is in opposition to gravity. Rebounding can help keep the aged person fit and strong.  Rebound exercise aids in the common problem of poor circulation. The movement on a vertical plain also aids in relieving problems of constipation and hemorrhoids. The principles of rebounding also work to improve balance and coordination. Rebound exercise is a means of giving independence and freedom of association, back to the elderly people who desire it.

There are hundreds of benefits to rebound exercise. In a N.A.S.A., study rebound exercise was declared to be 68% more efficient than regular jogging. It is the only exercise that stimulates the cells of your internal organs, veins, arteries, bones, muscles, and literally every single cell of your entire body to get equally strong at once, while increasing the circulation and forceful flushing of all your lymph at once.

Words on a page can only do so much; they are only a part of the journey that must be made. It is a beginning, not a conclusion. You can benefit only from words only if it translates into action. The mind must be fully engaged with the process at hand. These words are not an end, but a means to an end for you to embark on the road to renewed or continues vigor. Open you mind, open your body, engage, and Jump for Joy!


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