The Number One Problem

 Health is Freedom – Join the Revolution

As far as I am concerned, the number one problem in America today is health, particularly in the Black Urban Communities such as Harlem. The U.S. spends more money on healthcare than any other nation in the world, yet ranks 36 in actual health issues. What is driving health in America today is profit.

You do not get healthy by buying insurance. You get healthy by taking charge of your health, educating yourself and making those mental, physical and spiritual changes that are in harmony with the natural healing of your body. Everything that impacts our mental, physical and spiritual body is food. The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare, that we are building, is all about creating a community of health consciousness, by providing the recourses, education and support to make it happen.

We have been miss-educated.  We are digging our graves with our forks and dumbing down our children with french fries, fried chicken, donuts and soda, making them addicted out of their minds.

Billions of dollars are put into keeping us ignorant, and blind to our own blindness, with advertisements that sell us a pill for everything, and multi-bullion dollar businesses designing tastes that make us crave for more of the very foods that are killing us slowly.  They have lied to us.

They carry out violence, against the planet, against animals, pollute the waters; poison the air and burn down the trees. They rape the land of its value and then create genetically modified foods. And we, the people, act as in a hypnotic trance – bamboozled. Lost.

Allow yourself to consider this insanity. We wage war against ourselves. We stuff our bodies with ever bigger portions of all kinds of over processed, dead devitalized foods, thereby becoming the fattest and sickest of any wealthy nations on the planet. Our adolescents die at higher rates of sexually transmitted infections and we have the highest incidence of AIDS, diabetes, chronic lung disease, heart disease and drug-related deaths. Yes, the problem is right here, and nothing less than a revolution will bring about the necessary change – a revolution that will not be televised – a revolution of the mind.

 Heath is Freedom – Join the Revolution!

Yvonne Stafford is an Entrepreneur, Journalist, Public Speaker, Author of the book, From Fast Foods to Slow Foods: How to Wake up Laughing, health advocate, founder of the Natural Living Institute, LLC. Ms. Stafford produces the annual Natural Living Film Festival and Community Forum in Central Harlem. ( Please go to put “Opening” in the  subject line to receive an invitation to the opening of the Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare

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