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Please Vote before June 19th. We need 250 votes just to be in the running to win $100,000. Calling in the village. Gather yourselves. Vote. We are going on a journey to build the Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare and create a legacy with one common goal – to provide a better way to heal our community through our relationship with ourselves, food, body, planet, and soul. It takes a village. Vote. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare; a synergistically linked Holistic Clinic and Learning Center that will offer general and preventative healthcare for all ages within the local community of Harlem, the greater New York area, outer boroughs, as well as guests from out of town who will attend our health retreats.
The clinic will have a total of eight offices where credentialed holistic practitioners, including, but not limited to, MDs, DOs, APRNs, NDs, acupuncturists, massage therapists, Shamanic healers, chiropractors, energy healers, and psychologists will practice as a cooperative in shared office/practice space. At this time, we have letters of interest from credentialed health practitioners to practice at our Institute. In addition, we have identified a suitable location.

The Educational Component is a unique aspect of our operation. The strong emphasis on self-healing and education does not now formally exist in Harlem. The education component will complement the Clinic by offering Energy Healing, Natural Beauty, Herbal Consultations, Essential Oil Classes, Music, Art, Healing Qigong, Yoga, raw and living food and as well as healthy cooked food preparation classes, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Laughter, Community Acupuncture, Detoxification Classes and Programs, Infar Red Sauna, and Weight Loss Series. The center will feature a small cinema that will host health related documentary films and community forums on a weekly basis.


The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare is a for-profit agency dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the local population by providing accessible, high-quality traditional, holistic, preventive, curative, drug/pharmaceutical free, medical services; as well as education for people of all ages. The business is holistic. We will have a staff of highly trained and experienced holistic practitioners. Each practitioner is a sole proprietor with a small interest in the co-op, who co-operatively shares office space. A benefit of this structure is that practitioners are available from various medical disciplines to serve as resident experts and to provide a venue for patient referrals. The practice will be integrative with a single patient record.

We seek to create reverent participatory relationships that are patient-centered and focused on building community between practitioners and patients. We are committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of our clients, resulting in a successful and profitable business. Ancillary services will include films, lectures, workshops, stress reduction, and weight loss modules, music and art therapy, laugher, and a store. Clients will become “members” of the facility by paying a nominal membership fee; thereby receiving selected discounts and free classes. This membership requirement encourages a certain sense of responsibility, in keeping with ownership and the take-charge attitude that we promote.

Contact Person: Yvonne Stafford, 212-662-6408

Yvonne Stafford and Ilyas Washington PhD are the majority stockholders of the Natural Living Institute LLC.

Ms. Stafford is the Managing Partner and responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Institute. Ms. Stafford, a successful entrepreneur, has owned a number of businesses over the course of thirty years. She is the owner of Stafford Realty Group Inc. a commercial real estate firm specializing in commercial leasing and sales; she is the former owner of two retail gift shops “Surprises” on Broadway in NYC. Ms. Stafford is a published author and part time journalist. She was a full time adjunct professor in the Communications Department of Hunter College for five years and also taught at City College, CUNY and Hostos Community College in the Bronx. Ms. Stafford has produced numerous events, locally, nationally and internationally. She was the Secretary of the Harlem Business Alliance for thirteen years, and former Board Member of the BRISC, small business arm of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. Ms. Stafford is a graduate of New York University where she holds a Master’s Degree.

Dr. Ilyas Washington is an Assistant Professor at Columbia Medical Center in the Department of Ophthalmology. He received a BA in Chemistry from Bard College and a PhD in Computational Chemistry under Ken Houk from University of California Los Angeles. Dr. Washington was postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University where he worked in the fields of Natural Products and Photochemistry jointly under the mentorship of Koji Nakanishi and Nick Turro. Dr. Washington is a co-founder of Alkeus Pharmaceuticals a specialty ophthalmology pharmaceutical company developed from technology originating in his lab:


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