SLOW FOOD: Overcoming the Challenges of Fast Food - 8 week class

Natural Living Sixty-Day Rejuvenation Challenge

The overall purpose of this challenge is to provide information to help you actualize and integrate wholeness in your daily life experience and to help yourself to excellent health. Guaranteed.


This challenge consists of eight three-hour meetings with optional field trips to participate in extra classes, such as dance, yoga, and more, all guaranteed to make a measurable and visible difference the in the quality of your life by extending and increasing your wellbeing and happiness. At the conclusion of the challenge you will be armed with a realistic game plan of accurate, specific information that is unique to you and your own personal needs. You will have the tools to be guided from exhausted to energized, burned out to brilliant, and flabby to fit.

The first four meetings are devoted primarily to study and critical thinking about your spiritual and emotional health as well as the inner workings of your body. This will be done through films, discussions, reading, field trips and practical assignments. You will receive hands on training in the preparation of delicious raw and living foods as well as lightly cooked foods to add to our diet. You will create an individualized program that you can actually follow to become fit forever.

The second four meetings We will embark on a guided ten-day cleansing and detoxification program. You will explore de-stressing strategies. There will be no more guessing about what to eat, when to exercise or how much sleep you need. You will be able to stay on track with loving guidance every step of the way.

Even with the best of the best tools and training, it’s hard to implement new behaviors and create new habits without support. We have built a strong system of support and accountability into the program, to accelerate your success. Yvonne Stafford, Holistic Health Educator, will lead the course along with a powerful team of healers, mentors, therapists and a community of people just like you, who are with you for the long haul.

For further information, please call 212-662-6408 or email You can also find this information on line at: under the title. Slow Food: Overcoming the Consequences of Fast Food. 

Health Investment: $325.00 per student. The course will take place September and October 2013                        Eight Saturdays from 3-6. Investment, Covers, book, manual, food (weekly demonstrations), handouts. (May or may not include optional trips, to other classes and restaurants).

Pay in full by June 7, 2013 and pay $300.00  (save $25.00)

Payments accepted as follows:  June $109; July $109; August $109 Cash, checks, all major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted. (One intern position is available. Please inquire, if interested. This position requires extra time to set up for the class and food demonstrations.)

Payments are not refundable, however you may transfer to another student.

Note: The information in this course is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, nor does it recommend any therapy. if you are in need of medical attention you should consult a doctor.

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