NLI Meeting Notes/Correspondence (private)

First Meeting May 1st 2016
The purpose of which was to formulate next steps in the process of creating a Holistic Clinic and Education Center with a farm element, as a physical structure in Harlem. Thanks to those who attended. It was a good step forward.
1. We will continue to focus on obtaining either city, gov. or private property.
2. The physical entity will be developed by the Natural Living Institute, LLC. anyone willing to do substantial work on this project can join as a limited partner.
3. Karen and Leslie have volunteered to move forward on the virtual out reach.  Dr. Natural also introduced us to Monique who will develop a web presence for the Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare.
4. The question arose about the subject of a co-op that I referenced. My idea is that the workers would be a part of a co-op. Other aspects of the co-op can be formed with regard to food and the purchase of retail objects.
This will come later.
5. The business plan is sustainable as a rental. Since a decision has been made that ownership might be superior, we will go for ownership.
6. As this is an ongoing project, we will follow with another meeting when there is something to report. In the meantime please participate by referring all leads to possible space. Do not be afraid of price, I have made positive strides in this area and am sure about the financing.
7. If anyone wants the help produce the 5 annual natural living film festival and community forum, let me know.
8. We have not identified an attorney. Referrals are welcome. We need a corporate attorney that deals with contracts and agreements.
9. The architects, Workac, would like $5,000.
10. Your Comments
 (FYI. Those who were supposed to be at the meeting came. 50% of those responding actually showed up.)
Dear Karen and Leslie,
Thank you so very much for agreeing to move forward. I want to clarify some questions that came up at the meeting. I would like your comments. These are my thoughts:
1. The overall goal is to build a physical Holistic and Education Center in Harlem.
2.  The name of the entity that has already been formed is The Natural Living Institute, LLC.  There are three share holders to date: Yvonne Stafford, Ilyas Washington, PhD,  and Maryam Washington. Anyone who is working on this effort is welcome to be a limited partner.
3.  The anticipated name of the Holistic Center is-  The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare – (It is a project of the LLC)  (There can be a popular name, if necessary later).
4. The natural living institute for holistic healthcare can be an immediate virtual entity on line. I would like to raise funds for the physical building through membership – charter membership.  Those charter members will will be first in stepping up to make this Holistic Center a brick an mortar reality.  Name on the wall, discount at paid events, and what ever else you might think of. Giving in itself is a reward. They are no buying anything.
5. Dr. Natural sent a sister who does websites. She came by yesterday.  We spoke about doing a website for the Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare. She needs to know what to put on the site.
6. Take a look at this crowd funding vehicle  and let me know what you think.
7. I still have not spoken to an attorney. I spoke to one who was referred but he did not do contract etc. work.
8. With regard to the co-operative idea that was mentioned. This needs to be started later. The cooperative is among the people who work together. The cooperative can also be among those who will buy food and other related goods together.
9. What we are doing is starting a movement, gathering our tribe so to speak. They are members of The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare.
10. As soon as I find an attorney I will let you know. If you want to speak to Monique Jones (the web person) here is her number. 347-430-2306. You would have to introduce yourself as related to the above.
11. I can meet anytime, any day accept May 7 and May 14.
12. The architects want $5,000.
13. Your thoughts.

1. With regard to the corporate attorney, no. However I went to a talk at the offices of the Harlem Business Alliance two years ago on the subject of agreements given by Vaughn Buffalo. I have not spoken or called him. He does not know me. We might want to interview him and see if he is the right fit. 
2. As to formation. Public-benefit corporations are a specific type of corporation that allow for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing profit for shareholders. - I like this idea.

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