Avocado Pudding (A.K.A Avocado Ice cream)


This is a pudding that you can make in minutes and, believe me, it tastes nothing like avocado. Ask my son, the skeptic. When I let him taste, he loved it and could not believe it was Avocado.

Avocado Pudding (aka [...]

Chocolate Fig and Date Squares – A Raw Desert

Dehydrated Option

Option 2 mix and eat

This desert is both healthy and delicious. This is a raw desert and can be eaten immediately or put into a dehydrator. Either way it’s good. I think it is sweet enough from the [...]

From Fast Foods to Slow Foods: How to Wake up Laughing - what people are saying

Noted best selling author and educator, Gary Null, PhD writes:

“Celebrating life and how to appreciate its many gifts begins when we rise our consciousness about the thoughts, foods and beverages that go into our bodies and define our well being. Yvonne Stafford’s [...]