The Elephant in the Room Yvonne Stafford | 6/22/2017, 1:13 p.m.







Harlem is known all over the world as the historic capital of African-American culture. Part of that culture is small [...]

Laughter is Love

 Quick name an exercise that is fun with the  benefits of oxygenating your body, increasing  your circulation, strengthening your immune  system, alleviating stress, building self confidence, improving your social connections, keeping you young, and more……. Answer: Laughter Yoga.

Imagine [...]

Forming a Community Holistic Health Center - Calling in the Village

Side views of Growing Power Vertical Farm Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Kubala Washatko Architects)  27,000 SF  In ProgressHighly sustainable urban five-story vertical farm including greenhouses, conference/training and retail spaces, expanded educational classrooms, a demonstration kitchen, food processing and storage, loading docks. A national resource for [...]