Forming a Community Holistic Health Center - Calling in the Village

Side views of Growing Power Vertical Farm Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Kubala Washatko Architects)  27,000 SF  In ProgressHighly sustainable urban five-story vertical farm including greenhouses, conference/training and retail spaces, expanded educational classrooms, a demonstration kitchen, food processing and storage, loading docks. A national resource for learning about sustainable urban food production.

Holistic Health Center

The Vision

Our plan is to build The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare: A green LEED certified, mixed-use building of six or more stories that will house a comprehensive, sustainable holistic clinic and education center, synergistically related to a vertical farm, conference, retail uses and residential.

Today our healthcare system works well when you have an emergency, but to treat chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, we need to reinvent healthcare to help people live a longer, happier and healthier lives. The Natural Living Institute for Holistic Healthcare is designed to create an empowered, proactive, participatory community.

Education is the way to long-term improvement,  empowerment, and the way to change the trajectory of a community that is leading the way in obesity, and various chronic illnesses. Education is the way out. Our vision is of an environment where people can begin to rely on the inner strength, power and spirit that they already have.

The Holistic Clinic will provide high quality traditional, holistic, preventive, curative, drug free medical services. It will house credentialed holistic practitioners, including, but not limited to, MDs, DOs, APRNs, NDs, acupuncturists, massage therapists, Shamanic healers, chiropractors, energy healers, and psychologists working cooperatively.

The educational and training component is an intrinsic part of the whole by offering Natural Beauty, Herbal Consultations, Essential Oil Classes, Music, Art, Healing Qigong, Yoga, raw and living food and healthy cooked food preparation classes, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Laughter, Community Acupuncture, Detoxification Classes, support groups, Infar Red Sauna, and Weight Loss Series.  Certification classes in various aspects of healing and farming will be offered. The center will feature a small cinema that will host health related documentary films and community forums on a regular basis.

Retail will be in keeping with the healing concept of the facility. There will be a Restaurant and health related retail store.  We will encourage community residents to present items that they have developed for retail consideration.

Farming as a component of urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating food within a skyscraper green house on a vertically inclined surface. The vertical farm will grow greens and fruit that may be used by an on site restaurant serving vegetarian cuisine, and if in sufficient quantity, may be sold locally.

The residential component may feature short-term stay. If the facility is in excess of six floors, it may contain co-operative or condominium units for sale. *

*The residential component can also be used to house veterans, for example, who can take advantage of our training program and qualify for full time employment at the facility.

Our Goal:

The project will provide a minimum of 150 full and part time employment.

  • The project will address and facilitate solutions to community health conditions in our community that result in a high incidence of obesity, hospitalization, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, cancer, emergency room visits and crime.
  • Share tax incentives to stimulate job growth
  • Promote economic development
  • Empower businesses
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Improve the delivery of health and human services
  • Emulate the “field to fork” movement towards a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle

This project is consistent with East Harlem Neighborhood Study* in following ways:

1. It is an improvement to open space 2. Provides better access to preventive health care3. It enhances community wellness through active design strategies   4. It includes local shareholders in shaping recommendations for the neighborhood

*Fund for Public Health in NY, NY Academy of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, Dept. of City Planning are the partners who prepared the East Harlem Neighborhood Study.

Financial Strategy   The intent is to put people, planet and profit on an equal level.

Please contact me here or replytoyvonne@gmail for further information and to participate in this cause. Right now committed warriors are necessary to move this project forward.

14 comments to Building a Community Holistic Health Center – Calling in the Village

  • I attended your workshop in the past, if would like to participate.

  • Please count me in for attending the meeting and for moving forward as a Community Warrior! Zakiyyah Madyun

  • Karen J Arthur

    Definitely interested. Count me in for May 1st.

  • Ed Davila

    Continued Blessings … Anything I can contribute will be contributed without hesitation…peace!!!

  • Charles Goodlett

    I’m interested in this project and will attend the meeting on 5/1/16.

  • Kenya, Pearson

    Dearest, Sister Yvonne; Your plans are exciting and I’m certain, that as GOD has laid this assignment on your heart. Be reminded that the Source is making a way for it to become a reality. I whole heartily agree with your foresight. We need a Wellness Center like the one you’ve described in “Our” Harlem

    Please keep me in the loop. Send me out any up dates or changes before that occur before May 1st. I’ll spread the word and make arrangements to attend the meeting myself.

    May all that you do be receive by GOD and the ancestors inspired, so that Source may unleash the angelic support this journey will need.May Peace, Light and Understanding walk with you every step of the way, until our next meeting. Ashe OO!

    Sister Kenya by Divine Wright.

    • yvonneS

      Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts and inspiration. I am excited. I can actually see this institution. Much love.

  • My Heart Smiles with Sincere Respect and Appreciation of Your Purpose Driven Stamina, Foresight and Diligence.
    With Authentic Intention, I Accept Your Beautiful Invitation.

    Love & Light,
    Salaam Jaha

  • Khuumba

    Count Me In!

  • Great idea, I would love to be apart of the group, we need something like this very bad!


  • Hello Yvonne. I am excited for you and your continued progress on this much needed project. Unfortunately I plan to be out of town on the 2nd of May but please keep me posted in case anything changes. Thanks.

  • Very happy!
    I may be able to attend the May 1st meeting.
    My interests remain in building healthy choices for healthy living.